Random #2 — May 6, 2015

Random #2

Lately I have been experiencing crazy random thoughts when I close my eyes to go to sleep. It really scares me. I watch tv or a movie every night to help get me off to sleep, but it’s not working because as soon as I close my eyes all these words just start popping into my head. They’re so loud and weird and it scares me so much I open my eyes. I feel like I”m going completely insane and I hate it. Where do all these thoughts come from? I am going through a high period of stress at the moment due to a cancer scare. The thoughts are seriously crazy like a stream of consciousness and make no sense. Sometimes it’s just a list of words or a whole lot of nonsensical sentences.


Random #1 —

Random #1

Medicine. Yeah. This is what I need right now. A medicine to everything. Why always me? Why me? Physically mentally tired. Hope it will end soon. image #NowPlaying Medicine – Daughter dVb

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